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P4E Flyer July 2022

Evolution of Trauma Resuscitation Over the Last 153 years – Dr John Holcomb. 

CPR TrainingThis great lecture on the history of blood products in resuscitation, the hazards of crystaloid administration in trauma patients and the trend in circling back to use of whole blood. Dr Holcomb specifically addresses how whole blood administration is being implemented by EMS in the community setting outside of just large medical centers and research protocols.

Mass Casualty Simulation

A panel review of a MC simulation, demonstrating how it can be executed, in-field triage, identifying and prioritizing interventions, discussions on debriefings and integration with the ED and surgical departments. 

Military Lessons Learned for the Modern ICU

To quote Dr Holcomb, “ICU care is a Concept, not a place.” Dr Holcomb discussing providing care in austere environments to maximize outcomes, the impact of time to interventions on mortality and some emerging technologies with a potential to find use in the prehospital setting for hemorrhage control.