Regional Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Advisory Councils (RETACs) play a vital role in ensuring effective emergency medical and trauma care within their respective regions. Central to their operations are crucial documents that form the backbone of their strategic efforts. The biennial plan serves as a dynamic roadmap, outlining RETACs’ goals, objectives, and resource allocation for a two-year span. This plan not only guides their initiatives but also reflects the evolving healthcare landscape. In addition, mass casualty plans are imperative components, detailing comprehensive strategies to manage large-scale emergencies efficiently. These plans encompass coordination protocols, resource mobilization, and communication strategies to ensure a swift and organized response during crises. Moreover, RETACs’ regulatory efficacy is upheld through the formulation of rules and protocols that set clear guidelines for medical procedures, patient care, and interagency collaboration. These documents collectively empower RETACs to provide optimal emergency medical and trauma services, fostering a resilient and well-prepared healthcare ecosystem.

biennial plan

Regional Mass Casualty Incident Plan

chapter rules 

Security Transport

Ground Ambulance


Regional System Analysis